How to Store a Kayak? [A Complete Guide]

Buying a kayak is quite the investment you can spend Anything between $60 and $4000 on a kayak. This price range allows for a lot of variety. But the thing is no matter how much money you spend on your kayak; You will always want to do whatever it takes to protect your investment.

So storing a kayak properly is just as important as buying the kayak itself, we will take you through the do’s and don’ts, all the tips and tricks to properly store your kayak so that it’s ready to go in the water whenever needed.

The Very First Step

Although this is not directly related to the process of storing your kayak, it is imperative for you to put this into consideration when you are actually purchasing your kayak. You have to know what kind of storage you already have because the size of your available storage determines the size of your kayak. So if you don’t have a place to store a 12-foot kayak, then you don’t buy 12-foot kayak, So always measure out your storage space before making the purchase.


This is quite essential as before you wrap up your kayak and storage at the end of the season; you have to clean it vigorously. Remove all traces of water salt or any other material that could’ve stuck to your kayak during performing using it.

‏Open the drain plug and let the kayak drain totally leave it outside for a while to dry inside out. Make sure the cockpit is totally clean, and you’ll have to take a little bit of extra care if you have a sit in a kayak rather than sit on one. If the steps are not followed thoroughly, then a lot of mold and mildew will be formed on your kayak and rust, making your kayak unusable. Even if you decide to sell it as a used kayak, it will significantly bring its value down.

Indoor Storage

Indoor storage is, of course, much preferable to outdoor storage; whether you have a garage, shed, or you are a member of some club, where they have places by the docks, you can store your kayak.

These places are mostly just sort of a shed, placing the kayaks on shelves on top of each other is not favorable.


Probably the easiest way to store your kayak inside is to lean it against the wall; however, this is not the optimal way. But it can be done with some precautions. Which are that you will place your kayak either horizontally with an angle so that it’s leaning on one side on the floor, and the other side is leaning on the wall the sides of the kayak are very strong parts easily. However, for extra safety, every month or so, check your kayak and flip it to the other side.

Another way to lean, it is to stack it vertically with the cockpit facing out and it leaning on its stilts. However, you have to bring a supportive cushion over the rack. It still has to stand on something firm yet soft.


Manufacturers of kayaks know very well that you will eventually need to store your kayak, so many of them have a lot of products in the market that help you do exactly that. One of them is a suspension system, which means that you will hang your kayak from the ceiling. If you choose to go with this specific method. You always have to compare the weight and the dimensions of your kayak to the kind of suspension that you’re going to purchase.

Make sure that all of the screws that you would put in the ceiling are strong enough to handle your kayak and that they are put in a strong wall, not just drywall, and also never put the suspension through the handles of the kayak. Take them down your kayak to be hung horizontally, looking down. Is looking down so that the cock bit is facing down.


This is merely installing ready to be assembled or by yourself drywall because although the kayak is still so you can put on the two sticks that will be forming. The rack leaves it on its side with an angle ensuring that your kayak is balanced on both sides and that there are no pressure points that can be dented, or you can put it facing up.

Outdoor Storage

Outdoor storage simply consists of you leaning your kayak against the wall of your house. However, you have to keep it safe by covering it using a tarp. It has to have a little space between it and the tarp for rain and snow not to pile up on top of it.

Make sure to choose a good type of tarp, invest in one that is waterproof, ultraviolet, ray proof, and make sure that it’s closed from all sides.

Final Thoughts

Kayaking is a sport that allows you to explore the environment around you while allowing you to train your body to work in a routine. Storage is one of the most important aspects of owning a kayak. No doubt that there’s not enough research that you can do when you’re checking out how to properly make sure to properly store your kayak to maintain its performance as well as its value.

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