10 Tips For The Beginner Kayak Fisherman

Beginner Kayak Fisherman

Kayak fishing has become more and more popular every day. The reason behind that is the fact that when you go kayak fishing, you’re combining kayaking aspects and exercises that are helpful for both your body and the state of your mind. So throughout this article, we will discuss 10 of the best tips that you can stick to when taking your baby steps in kayak fishing.

So if you are interested in this sport, we present you with our selection of tips that will help you fish easily while kayaking.

10 Tips for the Beginner Kayak Fisherman

1. Learning Curve

A lot of people think that kayak fishing is easy. However, that could not be further from the truth; there are so many things that you have to learn before stepping foot into a kayak, and just as many things to learn before paddling away in your kayak.

So what you need to do is to hit up as many kayak fishermen or teachers as possible to collect enough information that can lead to getting the hang of this sport.

2. Safety

Safety is paramount at any time of the day. However, when you’re out on the water and balancing a small boat with a stick, it can be really hard and dangerous. So you have to always protect yourself to the max there’s no such thing as too much safety when it comes to kayak fishing.

Safety Equipment

  • Make sure to have an anchor on you
  • Have enough spare parts for your kayak and paddle if they are needed
  • Don’t ever travel without a partner

Safety Attire

  • Put on your PFG completely and correctly
  • Always keep a knife with you just in case it was needed
  • Never go kayaking in swift current no matter how rich the area is
  • Always stay in close distance with other kayak fishermen i.e., always stay visible

3. Kayak purchasing

The kayak is such a huge investment; they always come with a pretty hefty price tag. So when purchasing one, you have to be positive that it’s 100% what you want, because boy what you want right now will cost you a lot more than buying a cheap kayak and then trying to tweak it into following your dreams.

Also, try to visit local retailers and look online for where you can purchase your dream kayak at the lowest price possible, and since you are a beginner, a brand kayak will not be the best choice for you. I would advise you to search well amongst used kayaks.

4. Paddle Purchase

A paddle is no less important than the kayak itself, the steering wheel of a kayak must be sharp and strong.

5. Fishing Spot Choice

This is kind of related to learning your ropes. You have to know the water like the back of your hand. There’s no point in staying, no matter how long, in a place where fish is scarce.

However, if you have done your homework, studied the fishing spots, and know where the fish are, you will save yourself a ton of effort.

6. General Related information

You have to always pay attention and know if, in general, it is suitable for you to go out kayak fishing or not. Believe it or not, some people would actually choose bad weather to go kayaking, never go out on a kayak in a storm no matter how mild it is.

Always know the state of the tides and the weather if it’s gonna be too cold, too hot, rainy snowing or anything else under the sun. You just have to be always prepared for a change of weather and make sure that you will stay as dry as possible in the process.

7. Kayak customization 

Tweaking stuff and giving them a fresh new look is a concept that’s almost adopted by humans. Everybody wants their things to look exactly how they want them to, and that’s exactly what a lot of people do.

They get an old kayak and then start working on it from scratch to make it into something that will soothe them and their tastes, though.

8. Kayak Transportation

Don’t ever forget how much money you have spent on your kayak, so don’t send that money down the drain by scratching your kayak every time you try to transport it to and from your fishing spot.

Invest in a little bit more money and purchase the right carriers for your kayak in order to transport it safely, one more thing is that when transporting it do not expose it fully to the weather elements. Keep it covered using the waterproof sheet.

9. Kayak Storage

Another thing that could easily take years out of your kayak’s lifespan is wrong storage. Your kayak is kind of just like any other thing, and it is fully susceptible to breakage rusting and overall irreparable damage.

So the first thing you want to take care of is to keep it in a dry place with a moderate temperature. Do not hang it from its handles or its ends as they might easily come off. You have to either put it on specially designed shelves or use a specific hanger that comes down from the roof. Or leave it against the wall in certain positions. The most important thing is to not clean it on its weak spots.

10. Various Fishing Techniques 

No matter how much preparation you put into everything regarding your fishing journey you might still be surprised. Everything you’ve known may not work in the end, so you have to arm yourself with various fishing techniques that can come to your aid. When your fishing friends will simply not cooperate, pack all the fishing gear that you have in your mind. 

You might think that you will not need them; however, they might very well prove to be extremely handy. Educate yourself on how to catch fish in different ways as you keep the element of surprise in your armory.

Final Thoughts

Finally, it is safe to say that fishing while kayaking is an amazing experience. And we hope that these ten tips that we have included will only help in improving your experience further and make it much more enjoyable and plentiful.

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