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How to Get Back In Your Kayak After It Flips Over In Deep Water

Kayaking is one of the most fun and dangerous sports out there. As fun and entertaining as it can be to maneuver your way through …

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Best Fishing Kayaks Under 600 in 2021 – Buying Guide

If you’re looking for an affordable fishing kayak for your next fishing trip, this guide will help you make a choice.

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Everything You Need to Get Started in Kayaking [Simple Guide]

Kayaking is a great sport; it employs several muscle groups and teaches you a lot of discipline and determination. It’s not only beneficial to your …

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How to Store a Kayak? [A Complete Guide]

Buying a kayak is quite the investment you can spend Anything between $60 and $4000 on a kayak. This price range allows for a lot …

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How to Paddle a Kayak? [The Ultimate Guide]

There’s absolutely nothing better than waking up holiday morning, packing your gear and taking your kayak, when done in the correct way kayaking can and …

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When Is The Best Time to Buy a Kayak? [Simple Answer]

Kayaking is a very wide scope sport there is a ton of different types of kayaks on the market all year long, but like anything …

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